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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - We follow an integrated model of care, working alongside the counselors and psychologists in our practice to develop comprehensive treatment recommendations for the children served by our practice. More than just receiving medication you will come away with an understanding of your child’s difficulties and a plan for helping them move forward. Our psychiatrists will only accept patients who are currently being seen at our practice or involved with one of our collaborative partners.

Individual and Family Counseling or In-Home Counseling - Assisting you in understanding your child’s current behavior while working with you and your child to make healthier choices and overcome obstacles to create better options for the future. Patients come for help with parenting, past traumas, attention deficit disorders, responses to a physical illness, anxiety, depression, trichotillomania, eating disorders, behavioral concerns, drug and alcohol abuse and many more.

Psychological Testing - Research based psychological tests can be reliable and valid instruments in determining academic, interpersonal and psychological profiles. Testing can identify personal strengths and weaknesses in areas such as personality, mood, memory, and intelligence to help understand behavioral and emotional difficulties. 


Psycho-Educational Testing - Obtaining a profile of a student's learning strengths and weaknesses through professional assessment is essential to understand how best to teach such a student who experiences learning difficulties. A complete report of the findings along with recommendations will be provided to help you better advocate for child's needs in the academic environment. Research has shown educational interventions based on credible, reliable assessments are most beneficial to the student.

Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment - Evaluation of substance use to determine the level of severity and how best to intervene. Individualized treatment plans that involve coordination with or referral to 12-step groups, outpatient counseling, intensive outpatient programs, and residential treatment programs; counseling for family members who are affected by the addicted person’s behavior; and comprehensive substance abuse education. 

Educational Consulting - Helping parents work effectively with schools to plan programs that help children with learning issues and special needs thrive. We foster collaborative relationships between parents and schools which enhance students’ success by going into the school for classroom observation, consulting with school staff, and participating in educational meetings.

Educational and Counseling Groups - Short term groups dealing with Drug and Alcohol, Trichotillomania, Divorce Recovery, ADHD Success, and Social Skill Building

Professional Workshops - Supporting the schools, churches, and professionals who serve our patients with educational awareness about mental health topics and intervention.

Parent Training and Support Groups

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